Netflix promos Luke’s from Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls Tribute

A story of two women, not Rory and Loralie but when I was in my twenties I was introduced by a girl I was dating to the Gilmore Girls. It was down to earth and incredibly well written. The playwrite in me apreciated the writers incredible gift of dialogue and well I ended up falling for the show. Years went bye and the girl became a ghost, and I kind of forgot about the show. The second girl said she hated the show because it was too “wordy.” Needless to say we didn’t work out either.

The bucolic nature of the show that champions underdogs resonated with me most in the appearances of the coffee shop, Lukes. Here was a place that stood in stark contrast to what commercial coffee outlets have become. It was simply a place people gathered to enjoy coffee. A perfect reflection of the community it serves. Thats a place i want to open…

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